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Certified Life Coach


Nonviolent Communication Trainer


Corporate Wellness Guide and Millennial Whisperer

Who is Lauren Hruska?


Lauren Hruska is a certified life coach, nonviolent communication trainer, corporate wellness guide, and millennial whisperer. Lauren has been working in the personal growth field since January 2015. She has coached 35 individuals (and counting) and has led over a hundred people through her groups, workshops, and trainings.

What's a certified life coach?

A life coach is someone that helps people with a range of professional and or personal issues. Life coaching is different from consulting, counseling, and mentoring. You would hire a coach to help you with professional or personal projects, specific goals and transitions.


"Certified," means a life coach went through a professional program to receive their certification.


What's a nonviolent communication trainer?

A nonviolent communication (NVC) trainer is someone that offers communication and conflict resolution training to organizations and individuals. 

What's a corporate wellness guide?

A corporate wellness guide is someone that provides education, training and resources on wellness and work-life harmony to people that work in the corporate world.

What's a millennial whisperer?

A millennial whisperer is someone that completely understands millennials and can speak their language, struggles and passions.

What is Lauren's history with nonviolent communication (NVC)?

Lauren's latest obsession and field of study is nonviolent communication (NVC). She first was introduced to NVC in April 2016 in Guatemala where she attended a two day workshop led by Raffaello Manacorda. Since then she has led two workshops (one in 2016 and one in 2017) on the topic. Lauren completed Erin Merrihew's eight week course on compassionate communication in spring 2017 and apprenticed with Erin fall of 2017. Lauren also completed Erin's six month NVC leadership course that ran from January - June 2018.

At the beginning of April, Lauren piloted a six week course on the essentials of NVC for a group of seven participants with 100% of the participants who rated the training as “excellent,” and 100% of the participants stating they would recommend the training to their friends, family and colleagues. Some of the feedback was as follows, “I loved the energy that Lauren cultivated. The structured, accessible exercises coupled with the safe space created allowed for deep work that left me feeling very uplifted. I know I’ll be using these skills for the rest of my life and it will improve my relationship with myself and others!” as well as another participant that stated, “Interactive, very intimate, safe to be vulnerable and share. Everything was so well thought-out and explained thoroughly. My communication skills have grown so much because of this class! And it couldn't have been more timely because I've really needed to apply what I've learned to my life lately.”

In July 2018, Lauren was hired to facilitate and teach her series (the essentials of nonviolent communication) for the staff of Industry Salon.

What groups has Lauren created and led?


It all began in 2015 with the creation of her first group Synergy, a coed group that met monthly to set and achieve goals. Each meeting would have its own particular theme such as self love, procrastination, flow state, etc where Lauren would present on the topic and facilitate discussion. Lauren's intention was to always leave the group with specific action they could take into their lives to improve the quality of their lives or provide them a powerful question to ponder. Lauren would start each meeting with a grounding meditation and conclude the group with a powerful visualization. Not only would Lauren record the goals of the group members, she would email them out to everyone monthly. She created a thriving online community where group members could connect and communicate with one another, share stories, swap ideas and cheer each other on. Lauren posted resources, articles of interest and inspiring quotes in the online group. Lauren also spoke about how Synergy was a co-creative experience and encouraged group members to lead a Synergy. Several group members took her up on her offer through out the years. Synergy occurred monthly (sometimes twice a month to accommodate attendance) from 2015-2017.


Lauren also created and led a women's networking and empowerment group where she would connect women from various fields to propel their careers forward. One such method was to lead co-storming sessions involving all the women where they would all brainstorm in regards to one woman's idea. The group was called Mastermind and they would meet monthly. Lauren would infuse the meetings with female empowerment in the form of reading quotes and passages from famous authors and leaders and facilitate discussion on what it looked like to be an "empowered female," in the 21st century. She also created a thriving online community for Mastermind where group members could stay in contact with one another. One of the highlight's of Mastermind was seeing group member Karina Shelton's idea become a business (Siam Import Co) after just one co-storming session. Lauren posted resources, articles of interest and inspiring quotes in this online group as well. Lastly, Lauren planned four quarterly sisterhood retreats for the women as a way to unplug, recharge and just have some fun. Mastermind ran from 2015-2017.

Synergy Elite

Synergy Elite was the name of Lauren's business entrepreneur mastermind group. Synergy Elite connected five entrepreneurs together every Monday evening for a one hour call. The first ten minutes was used to talk about last week's wins of the week, the next 40 minutes an entrepreneur would be in the "hot seat," (where the fellow entrepreneurs could troubleshoot any issues the entrepreneur was having), and the last ten minutes was set aside to set goals. Lauren created a thriving online forum for the group members to stay connected as well. Group members included thriving yoga teachers Jordan and Antonella, health and wellness coach Inna Mitev, and salon owner and hair educator Rochelle Fairchild. Synergy Elite ran from 2016-2017.

What workshops has Lauren done?

What events has Lauren done?

Lauren created a two day TED Talk style event called Synergy Talks! This event connected the public with Seattle's leading yogis, entrepreneurs, coaches and thought leaders. Each day four individuals, as well as Lauren, delivered a 15 minute talk designed to educate you, leave you with a powerful question to ponder or provide you with specific actions you can take to improve the quality of your life. Lauren led a grounding meditation to kick off the event and also closed with a powerful visualization. The event was designed to allow for a 15 minute Q&A session between the speaker and the audience after each talk to facilitate connection and community building. You can peep one of Lauren's talks here.

Lauren also co-planned Making Love With Life in March 2018 with Paula Wood.

What type of training does Lauren offer?

Lauren currently offers an eight week series on the essentials of nonviolent (compassionate) communication called "Heart Talk: Compassion Cultivation Training" for individuals and groups.

What type of corporate wellness work does Lauren do?

Coming from a past where she experienced corporate burnout, Lauren is extremely passionate about helping educate others on how to avoid this. Lauren is the head of the work-life harmony committee for the Health, Safety, Security, Sustainability, and Compliance (HS3C) org at Amazon. In collaboration with seven of her peers, they created and organized HS3C's first Work-Life Harmony Week. The week will feature key note speeches, talks, panels, and other events based around work-life harmony and wellness.

Lauren is also currently leading another group at Amazon called "Survive the Jungle," centered around wellness. Lauren brings in one speaker a month to discuss a variety of topics. The first talk she organized was about conquering imposter syndrome.

What education does Lauren have?

  • The Gottman Institute Level One Certification, Student, May 2018

    • Trained in the Gottman Method for couples (treatment for treatment for couples who struggle, using research-based assessments and effective interventions)

  • International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) Level One Training, Student, December 2017

    • Participated in ISTA's level one training focused on inner child work, emotional release techniques and more

  • Compassionate Leadership Circle, Student, January 2018 – June 2018

    • Nonviolent communication six month leadership course with Erin Merrihew

  • Essentials of Compassionate Communication Series, Apprentice, Fall 2017

    • Apprenticed under Erin Merrihew for the eight week course studying Marshall Rosenberg’s nonviolent communication (NVC)

  • Essentials of Compassionate Communication Series, Student, Spring 2017

    • Completed eight week course studying Marshall Rosenberg’s nonviolent communication (NVC)

  • The Empowerment Partnership – NLP Practioner Training, Student, Spring 2017

    • Attended Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) training

  • Seattle Life Coach Training, Student, August 2016 – February 2017

    • Participated in six month intensive life coach training certification program, graduated February 2017

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