"Lauren is an inspiration for all those around her. It is simply astonishing to see her at work, where she exudes endless positive energy and meaningfully impacts everyone around her. She is conscientious, authentic, genuine, generous, brilliant: in short, extraordinary. I could continue to rattle off glowing adjectives for Lauren all day, but allow me to give a personal example.


Lauren is the lead of a personal growth club called Synergy. This group has changed the lives of all its members, but it has changed mine in such a positive and uplifting way that I cannot even begin to describe it. It is through this group that I met Lauren. To say she is the lead of the group is an understatement: she is the founder, visionary, inspiration, and glue that binds the club together. Once a month she puts together an amazing discussion on topics that propel all of us forward, and it seems she is almost psychic in her ability to pick the most relevant topics for the attendees, no matter their walk of life and where they might be in their journey. I began a personal journey at the end of 2014 to focus and understand myself, my goals, and become the person I wanted to be. I had come a long way but was struggling to find my "people" in Seattle a full year after I had transplanted here from another state. My hairdresser and friend, upon hearing about my struggle, invited me to attend Synergy; my first attendance marked a turning point in my journey. Lauren has fostered such an incredible environment of non-judgment, openness, and support that I have had breakthrough after breakthrough dealing with my past experiences, my present difficulties, and my future dreams. I have learned effective communication techniques, how to love myself and others more deeply (especially myself, which I have struggled with my entire life), how to handle whatever life might throw at me, the power of being authentic in my relationships and in life, and so much more. I have found my people, and I owe that to Lauren; I am happier, kinder, and better for having her in my life.


Lauren has changed my life for the better in ways I can never thank her enough for. She is one of those rare souls who rises and rises, and brings everyone around her with her, encouraging and empowering all those around her to dream bigger, work harder, love deeper, and believe in themselves. Do you need someone like Lauren in your life? Yes, yes you do. We all do, and people with her depth of character, intelligence, kindness, and talent are so infrequently found, that when you do find them, it behooves you to cling as tightly as you can. If you're reading this, it means you've found Lauren. I highly suggest that you make her a part of your life, in whatever form that may take, because Lauren will only inspire you and be your biggest fan, supporter, and believer in who you are and who you can and want to be."

"Synergy has not only inspired me to set goals for personal growth. It has helped me connect with new friends and collectively contemplate how we can move through life in a more compassionate, loving manner.


Everyone needs more positive influence like this in their lives!'

Chantell Osejo

Kevin  Brennan

"Lauren is absolutely amazing. After just one life coaching session, I felt more positive, happy, and motivated to change myself for the better. She is patient, understanding, and genuinely cares. I never felt judged and knew I can share anything with her. I highly recommend Lauren to anyone who is looking to better themselves or just need someone there to talk to, she is there for you. Thank you, Lauren!"

Luxi Lindsey

"Lauren is an incredible inspiration! I was lucky enough to have been there for the first couple sessions of Synergy, a goal setting and personal growth group that Lauren envisioned and created. I cannot even begin to explain how this group changed my life. I was in such a bad place after losing a lot of people in a short amount of time and coming to Synergy and setting realistic goals helped pull me out of a very dark place. Now, all this time later, I had a chance to do a personal life coaching session with her and saw immediate changes in my life once again. I walked away more positive and able to continue to manifest the things I wanted in my life more clearly. I cannot say enough good things about this woman. She is incredible and was truly put here to help others."

Alyssa McCarthy

"Lauren is truly a one-of-a-kind soul.  She is full of boundless hope, love, and exuberance for the world and all of the people in it--and it shows.  Her life coaching session with me only reaffirmed all the things I already knew about her; that she takes your growth and happiness to heart, and will do anything within her power to help you achieve the best version of yourself.  She is faultlessly professional, willing and eager to listen to anything you have to say without judgment, and truly interested in understanding your life's ambitions. I'd never even thought of attending any kind of life coaching sessions before meeting Lauren, and afterward I felt like she had really helped me see ways that I could help myself achieve goals that had remained stagnant for a long time. Give Lauren a chance--you definitely won't regret it, and more likely than not you'll end up walking away with a new friend who wants nothing but the best for you."

Emily Conn

"Lauren is obsessed with personal development, speaking her mind, and is willing to get vulnerable and share her story as it's unfolding. She's easy to open up to and speak with- she's warm, edgy, bold, and open-hearted. Her candor and drive and openness have made her fantastic at asking good questions and getting me off the conversational beaten path and getting me talking about things that matter (a salesperson by trade, I can chit-chat endlessly about nothing, so she calls me on my bullshit and gets me to focus). I saw Lauren for a life coaching session where she had me rank priorities and then rank these priorities up against each other & during this session, I was able to focus on one goal and with her guidance challenge myself to go further than just simply thinking about it. She has been an invaluable accountability partner in helping me focus, set up goal-oriented activities that are in line with my values, and checking in on me."


"My life coaching experience with Lauren has been fantastic. She immediately puts you at ease, and her space is very relaxing - which creates an atmosphere of trust and openness. The prompts that she gives during a session makes it very easy to narrow your focus, and choose attainable goals. I always feel much more energized, focused, and inspired after I meet with Lauren!"

Karina Shelton

"I was thankfully introduced to Lauren this past year, and from the very moment we met, I knew there was something extremely powerful about her. Lauren carries a sense of sincerity, passion and trustworthiness whenever you cross paths with her.

When I found out that Lauren would be holding life coaching sessions, there wasn't a doubt in my mind that I'd attend one to see what life coaching is all about. After leaving my first session I was blown away by how well she guided me to tap into my potential and to inspire me to TRULY start LIVING.

With each session I learn something new about myself and feel empowered to live a successful and abundant life every day.

Lauren, thank you for all you have done so far to lead me out of the darkness and in the right direction. I cannot wait to continue on this journey with you!"

Annika Lawrence

"Lauren, Lauren, Lauren. I'm not sure where to even begin. I've known Lauren for quite some time and since our first meeting, life hasn't been the same. Her passion for personal growth, compassionate nature, and honesty are undeniable.

Lauren is an inspiration to those around her.
To know Lauren, is to love and appreciate her.

I had the pleasure of attending my first Synergy meeting this year and I left feeling rejuvenated, excited, and more aware. Lauren has created an environment that encourages open conversation without judgement. If you or anyone you know are interested in personal growth, quality conversation, good people, and goal setting I highly encourage you to give Lauren a chance, and watch her shine."

Charles Strom Jr.

"Lauren is my Life Coach and I would recommend her to everyone! She approaches life with such vivacity it is nothing but contagious. I always gain an immeasurable amount of insight from her sessions and it is obvious that Lauren is dedicated to my holistic well-being."


"Lauren is an amazing person and life coach. She provides her utmost attention to your words and supplies her answers with acceptance and motivation.
Because of Synergy I've been able to awaken a piece of me that I was unsure of. One that gives me power to accomplish great things and to give me the strength of self love.
I highly recommend spending time with her-whether it be a life coach session, a synergy meeting, or a simple cup of coffee. One time spent with her and you'll be able to feel her magnetic energy. Do it!"

Chelsea Matteson