Who do you invest in?

Who do you invest in?

And who invests in you?

The word "investment" has been on my mind lately.

I typically associate this word with money, but Matthew Hussey opened up my worldview to understand this word in terms of relationships.

After coming out of a long side hustle grind and a semi hibernation from October to May, I've been hyper social these days - finally free to make plans - spontaneous or otherwise with friends. I've also had time to... *drum roll please* ... date!

June and July have been very interesting months.

All in all, the word "investment" has hit a chord with me recently, especially last week, it really hit me how deeply valuable the people in your life are that invest in you.

And make it a point to be a part of your life and continue to show up.

Over and over again.

The people that stick by you through thick and thin.

The ones that don't constantly cancel plans or only want to hang out when it's convenient for them.

So I'll ask the question again:

Who do you invest in?

And who invests in you?

And where do you need to scale back or step it up?

#Investment #Dating #Relationships

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