The end of Synergy...

I'm intense.





I'm as loyal as they come.

When I love, I love hard.

And when I love something or someone I will go to the ends of the earth for them.

My desire to help others and help the world never EVER fades.

So even as I step away I open myself up to infinite possibilities.

As Synergy's chapter comes to a close, I mourn the death of it, cherish the memories and look toward the future.

I don't know what's going to happen next.

After 2.5 years, I am ending the personal growth and development group I created called Synergy.

I had a vision of Synergy in the summer of 2014 when I worked a job I hated, was depressed and in a very, very dark place.

I launched Synergy in January of 2015 because I was SO tired of living without a community of people who cared about improving their lives. I was tired of just drinking on the weekends. I was tired of living without goals. I was sad that I had let my childhood dreams fade away.

I was disenchanted by adult life and I knew there was more to the rat race.

Synergy was a wild idea and a crazy experiment I followed through with centered around exploration, community, acceptance and love.

Synergy was my pride and joy.

My absolute favorite thing in life.

Each month I would let the universe speak through me as I delivered a new talk each month with a take home message of questions to ponder or action you could take to improve the quality of your life.

The moments I shared with each and every person who attended Synergy will live on in my heart forever and there is no way I could ever fully explain the magic of Synergy or express the depth of my gratitude for all those who passed through my door and expressed their hopes, dreams, pain, pleasure and revealed their vulnerability.

This is the hardest and most painful break up of my 28 year old life.

It feels like a part of me is dying, but I know that it is part of my evolution.

I am deeply saddened and feel an insane tornado of emotions, but underneath it all, I know I am making the right choice.

For 2.5 years I have been fueled by my insatiable thirst and desire to learn and grow and help others do the same.


But the ways in which I support others needs to be re imagined.

I'm signing off of social media for a month to do some soul deep diving.

I need to allow myself to just BE again, to play, to dream with no intention of working and grinding.

It's time for your sweet sister Hruska to take a break.

My door is always open and my heart is always open to receive you in your darkest hour.

That is my promise.

That is why I am here on this earth.

Humbly yours, Hruska

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