Should I post this?

Stop and ask yourself:

Are you living a life of "Should I post this?" in every moment?

If you are, my Goddess, come up for the air of pure presence.

Above was my biggest take away from my June social media blackout.

I was off social media (Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat) from June 1 - July 1.

Here are some of the thoughts, feelings and things I experienced during my social media detox.

1. You don't have to post everything online.

2. I'm addicted to social media. Me, you and everyone we know.

3. Social media is a time suck.

4. Social media is important.

5. Social media is shallow.

6. I missed social media.

7. I didn't miss social media.

8. Social media is an ego trip.

9. Social media is good for marketing yourself and others.

10. Social media has no substance.

11. Social media is for those hungry for validation.

12. I like receiving likes and comments on my posts. Fact.

13. Who are you posting for?

14. Can we get some damn authenticity up in here? Not just everyone's highlight reel?

15. What are you using your social media for?

If you've never taken a break then you should.

16. I focused better at work.

17. I slept more soundly.

18. I felt less distracted.

19. I felt disconnected at times.

20. I felt free.

21. There's many people I don't interact with when I am off social media. Actually, like A LOT.

22. I missed @thefatjewish's posts and @betches. LOL. They make me happy.

Do I think social media is bad?

Absolutely not, but I certainly would say I was addicted. HELL TO THE YES.

I have always tried to live authentically - both on and offline - and I hope that my social media conveys that.

I am committed to and determined to be more intentional about how I spend time on social media and also what I decide to post, asking the following questions to vet my posts:

1. Does this matter? Like, really?

2. Will this contribute positively to someone's life?

3. Am I conveying some type of lesson to others?

4. Is my post thought provoking and could it make a difference?

5. Am I being authentic or am I looking for an ego boost?

June was a big month of self care, self discovery and self exploration.

I'm excited to share what I have learned and will do so slowly as I get reacquainted.

I've genuinely missed you all.

Excited to be back with a more refreshed and conscious mind, body and heart.


#SocialMedia #SocialMediaCleanse

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