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P U R I F Y.

I escaped to the mountains with my spirit tribe to purify my vessel.

Sunbathing like a cat is part of that ;)

As I breathed in the sweet, dusty, ancient mountain air I could feel myself being cleansed.

As I smelled the sweet scent of wild flowers I was overcome by the beauty of the landscape.

As I heard my fellow light workers engaging and inspiring discourse I felt my heart overflow with love.

Rainier whispered to me that I need to commit to more conscious recharging activities.

And as I reaffirmed my commitment as a conduit of love and to serve humanity, I literally felt my love tank go from empty to full.

Placing my hands in the cold mountain streams and baptizing myself with earth's water I washed away my judgments, rage, shame, guilt and sadness.

Honoring my humanness, the fact I am where I am and looking towards the future with a sense of excited curiosity and impending mischief.

Take time to purify your vessel.

Carve out time to listen to your soul's call.

If you're called to the beach...go.

If you're called to the mountains...go.

If you're called to a new place or experience...go and do it.

And don't forget to listen while you're there.

You have more wisdom inside you than you could possibly realize.

Open up, listen, trust.

Purify your vessel.

#Purify #Nature #Cleanse #Heal

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