Breaking up with Seattle

On Monday, August 7 there was a full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius.

Pre Eclipse Bathing:

Slow down and allow yourself to feel.

Happy full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius.

Shedding, releasing, healing and transforming.

This blood orange moon will take your breath away.

Go outside and bathe in her beauty.

Cleanse and purify.


As soon as the moon came out, it took my breath away. I grabbed my selenite wand to charge her and drove out to Kerry Park in Seattle.

As I sat underneath the eclipse I was profoundly moved.

I charged my wand in the moonlight and found myself playing OceanLab.

All of a sudden the tears bubbled up and started to fall.

I wasn't sad, it was just a release.

I was being cleansed.

Tears ran slowly down my face and I felt so at peace.

Revelations started to drift into my awareness and I headed back to my car and I could feel heavy tears on their way and sobs start to rise in my throat.

As I reached by car I hurried inside as I started to wail.

It was in that moment I knew that this is my last summer in Seattle for a while.

I'm mourning the break up of me and the city of Seattle.

When I got home I jotted down my thoughts.

Post Eclipse Bathing Reflections:

I'm breaking up with Seattle. The familiar, the comfortable, the people, the mountains, the lakes, my past. Who I used to be.

The events that are lining up in my life mean something. They mean a lot.

I'm ready for people to be open to me, to be receptive, to want to feel me and vice versa.

I'm only going to find that in the sun.

My path has always been to suffer early on so that I may rise.

i.e. Having the mom that I had, dating the guys and having the romantic experience that I've had thus far.

Shittier for me earlier on so I can learn all the lessons so that I can be stronger and to educate and teach.

"Make you stronger." - I remember the universe whispering this to me.

I have given and given and given and I am ready to receive and receive and receive.

I'm ready for LA.

Let's do this.

So I'm crying because this is my last summer in Seattle.

I'm moving.

I'm on one side of a door and ready to move on through to the other side.

A lot of change and transformation awaits me.

In order for me to have another huge evolution I have to leave.


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