You're Only Human

You're only human.... something that we tend to forget and want to divorce our "humanness."

It is perfectly okay to feel down or depressed or whatever the eff you're feeling.

It's my personal belief that we don't make enough space for the "negative," emotions and if we never had them, how the hell would we feel joy? How would we know if we are on track?

All of our emotions play a vital part in letting us know how we're doing, how well we are meeting our needs and if something needs to change.

April has fucking rocked my shit and I am not ashamed to admit I have felt more depressed and alone this month than I have since 2014.

It's been a ride, I tell you what.

You don't have to be positive and happy all the time to still be a person deserving of love and compassion from others... and most importantly, yourself.

#Emotions #Feelings #Authenticity

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