[Synergy Talks! Speaker Announcement] Coach, Consultant, and Traveler Timo Way

Synergy Talks! is proud to announce coach, consultant, and traveler Timo Way, as a guest speaker.

Talk Title:

Via Negativa - The Art of Subtraction

Talk Description:

Via negativa - a way of describing something by saying what it is not. It is a heuristic that when deployed into life leads to massive upside. I also refer to it as the art of subtraction. Others might call it minimalism, but it's more than just less stuff.

It is subtraction that allows us to eliminate the ways in which our ego keeps claiming to be the center: "I want more adventure. I want to travel more. I need more money. I want to have more fun. I need another drink."

The biggest and most rewarding decisions I have made were made with the least amount of information. Whether that meant quitting a great job, reducing my life to a backpack and traveling to New Zealand , or eliminating dairy from my life to get a healthier body. It’s always turned out that subtracting stuff, dependencies and activities has resulted in a maximized life.

We will explore what via negativa is, how deciding with less, leads to a more fulfilling life, the blocks between us and more, and tips for putting it into practice.


Sunday, April 2


650 South Orcas Street Suite R203

Seattle, WA 98108

About Timo:

Entrepreneur, world traveler, social media guru, rapper, speaker, writer, photographer...there's really not much that Timo isn't gifted at. He's also witty AF with a deep and soulful side to boot. Mark my words, Timo is gonna blow up. You heard it here first.

Here's what Timo had to say in his own words:

"I help entrepreneurs and businesses tell their story through written, visual, and vocal content. To some clients I am a consultant, to others I am a producer, and to all I am a friend. I also roast coffee in my kitchen, so if you work with me you will be drinking artisan coffee."

Connect with him online:

Website: timoway.com

Facebook: Timo Way

Instagram: @timoway

Podcast: The Way In

About Synergy Talks!

Come delight your neurons with a series of stimulating and thought provoking talks.

Each talk is designed to educate you, leave you with a powerful question to ponder or provide you with specific actions you can take to improve the quality of your life.

This is a three day event on Wednesday, March 29, Saturday, April 1 and Sunday, April 2.

Speakers include Seattle's leading yogis, coaches, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders.

***Single tickets for sale as well as all access passes.***

Tickets start at $20 and early bird tickets available while supplies last.

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