In order to save the world, we must save ourselves

"We're not on this journey to save the world but to save ourselves. But in doing so you save the world. The influence of a vital person vitalizes." -Joseph Campbell Keyword: vital. I wept reading this quote after an incredibly healing yin class at Modo Yoga Seattle. You cannot *always* grind. You MUST give yourself quiet time and time to be still, recharge, and move your body in a gentle and restorative way. I wept not only for myself, but I wept for everyone out there who feels overwhelmed by the normal stress of life. Which... is most people. Most of us don't know how to take care of ourselves and even when we do - we don't make it a priority. If you feel beaten down and stressed and anxious I urge you to seek relief. I walked out of that yin class a completely different person and I felt such immense gratitude for the teacher and studio that guided me home to a place of connection with the rest of the universe. A place where my mind was still and I felt like myself again. All I want to do is be able to offer and facilitate that type of relief or peace I was able to leave with last night. So I invite you to ponder what's on your agenda for this weekend - is it all hustle and bustle and social events - is it all chores or errands? Is there any time in there for you to reconnect with the magic of being alive - is there an experience you can seek out that will awaken this knowing within you? When you feel like garbage it's not enough to THINK your way to a more peaceful perspective - often we must engage our entire bodies in order to blast away the layers of cynicism, hate, anger, grief, worry, etc. Remember, in order to save the world, we must save ourselves first. All my love, Hruska

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