Is money your best friend or your worst enemy?

Is money your best friend or your worst enemy?

Wait, don't stop and think about this.

Just feel for a second.

What was your gut reaction when you read those words?

That gut reaction will tell you everything you need to know.

I have boldly declared 2017 the year of "financial freedom."

Growing up, in true Taurus fashion, I was frugal to a fault.

Things changed when I hit college.

It was a personal dream of mine to study abroad in Italy.

In order to do so I took out a $10,000 loan.

I also got a credit card, you know, "in case I needed it," and for "emergencies only."

Well I started having "emergency" after "emergency," until all of a sudden I found myself with $20,000 of debt to pay off.

How the eff did I get myself so royally screwed?

It didn't happen all at once, but it going into debt is practically inevitable when you live beyond your means and know literally ZERO about personal finance.

I had to do what all 20 somethings dread, move back home.

After I moved home I picked up Suze Orman's book The Young, Fabulous and Broke.


Without that book there's no way I would have been able to pay off $17,000 of debt in three years.

And right as I had the finish line in sight, I made some poor financial decisions and have wound up with a significant amount of debt to pay off YET AGAIN.

Bad, Lauren, bad!

You see I had "white-knuckled-it" for so long that when I got my hands on a little bit of money and made the mistake of re-ordering my credit card I was like a rabid dog that had tasted blood.


During my social media cleanse during the last two weeks of December (my annual time to take a good hard look at what is working in my life and what isn't...) I vowed to change my financial karma FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL.

After reading Denise Duffield-Thomas's Get Rich, Lucky Bitch! I was inspired to give this "manifesting money thing" a try.

Denise's book ROCKS and is chalk full of all kinds of ways to manifest money.

Denise's philosophy is "throw everything you have at it and see what sticks," - I LOVE this.

Vision board? Do it.

Affirmations? Do it.

Visualization? Do it.

Forgiveness exercises? Do them.

Her advice and exercises go on and on and on.

Needless to say, I was INSPIRED.

I set some lofty financial goals this year and despite my current financial state, I believe they will happen.


Because WHY NOT.

I located money, wealth and prosperity affirmations from my amazing friend Alycia L'Olive (who sells fantastic affirmations on a bunch of topics).


Fast forward to 2017.

I started my "new year" on Tuesday, January 3.

In addition to tracking my expenses with a good ol' fashion excel spreadsheet (I wasn't a fan of the app Mint), I also committed to saying daily money/wealth/prosperity affirmations.

Here's what's happened so far...

1/4: Found $0.26 on a treadmill I was using.

1/5: Friend paid for my dinner.

1/6: Friend made me dinner.

1/7: Friend bought me coffee.

1/8: Friend told me about a financial planner he has had for the past three years who also helped him get out of debt.

1/9: Contact financial planner by email in the morning. She replied instantly. We spoke on the phone and set up an appointment at lunch that day.

1/10: Received donations for hosting Synergy (my personal growth and development club).

1/11: Synergy group member venmo'd me $20.

1/12: Meet with the financial planner.

You guys... THIS S**T WORKS!

All of these events have been unexpected and filled me with excitement around money.

Here are some money affirmations for you:

Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.

I love money and money loves me.

I receive money from expected and unexpected sources.

I always have enough money.

I pay my bills with ease.

Money is just energy and flows in my life in abundance.

I'm a money making machine.

When it comes to affirmations CONSISTENCY is key.

I read my affirmations during my daily morning walk and the combination of the endorphins and affirmations makes me feel invincible.

PRO TIP: Don't say an affirmation if you honestly don't believe what you're saying. NOT HELPFUL.

If it feels completely untrue and totally icky when you say any of the above affirmations, just throw a "I'm beginning to believe [insert money affirmation here]," this will ease the discomfort of the affirmation and one day that beginning part will naturally fall away.

If you're financial situation is less than ideal, or even if it's "pretty good," here's something small you can do:

1. Pick one affirmation from the above you like best.

2. Write it down on a piece of paper, post it, or word document.

3. Put it up somewhere you see it every day.

4. Say this affirmation once a day, every day. WITH FEELING.

Easy, right?!

Optional exercise:

Be mindful of how you think and speak about money.

Pay attention to the thoughts you have about money and the words you use to speak about money.

Watch out for thoughts or phrases like I'm always broke, I can't afford it, I'm poor, I always spend all my money, etc.

Be a witness to your thoughts, words and feelings about money with genuine curiosity and no judgment for a week.

You might find your beliefs around money surprising.

Remember, you are a powerful creator and you create your own reality.

Your words, thoughts, and beliefs have an impact.

Good luck and have fun!

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