Oh the ahas that await us...

I don't know a lot. But I do know that this world needs more face to face conversations. Ones where phones are put away and we take the time to really explore ourselves or each other's thoughts, feelings, and perspectives without interruption and with our full being and presence. Oh the things we can learn when we really listen. Oh the things we can learn when we hold space. Oh the things we can learn when we give ourselves a voice. Oh the things we can realize when we engage in meaningful dialogue and reflection. Oh the ways we can grow and change. Oh the profound ways in which we can heal. Before you experience a paradigm shift it can sometimes feel like struggling to breath.

Except you're completely unaware of how hard it is to breathe until you can finally breathe again.

It's like coming up for air when you're underwater. That moment when you can finally breathe is such a release. Too often we run around as the center of our own universe. Feeling vindicated and validated in all of our thoughts and emotions and beliefs until one day they get shattered. Maybe it's an experience that forces a new awareness on us. But life doesn't have to force anything in our midst in order for us to develop awareness of our thoughts, actions, beliefs and feelings. We can cultivate our own awareness and seek to be curious about the roots of all of our thoughts, beliefs and feelings. What if we became curious about ourselves and those around us instead of rigid, irritated and broken? What if we welcomed reflection, meaningful dialogue and discussion. How much better would we feel? How much healthier would our relationships be? How many more of our needs would be met? How much more connected could we be to each other? And ultimately, how much more love could we feel? Oh the ahas that await us...

#Reflection #Healing #Dialouge

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