Honor the call.

  • 39 days sugar free

  • 13 clients coached

  • 9 days alcohol free

  • 7 days caffeine free

  • 3 consecutive weeks without going out

After nearly two months straight of weekend trips, late nights, eating out, and consuming as many IPAs I could get my hands on (hehe) it was time I whipped my butt back into shape and gave my body some much needed rest.

We hear this often, but life really is a constant balancing act.

Having fun and indulging our innate hedonistic tendencies (occasionally) is just as important as following a consistent healthy regimen (that works for you).

For most of 2015 and 2016 I was pouring energy into my career and also simultaneously my personal growth and development groups.

Essentially working two jobs full time (while juggling healthy habits/self care).

After a year and a half of this, I hit a breaking point.

I said "screw it" to my disciplined schedule of exercise, meditation, groups, yoga, and personal growth.

I wanted to PLAY.

I didn't want every second of my day planned.

I was craving fun and debauchery (😈).

I honored the call.

Eating an apple 🍎 and shaking your ass 🍑 at a pool party in Vegas can truly provide the same nourishment, ya'll.

One is not "good" or "bad" - it all just depends on what you NEED.

And while August and September were full of fun and adventure, inevitably the pendulum swung a tad too far and I knew it was time to recalibrate.

The point I'm trying to make is...

Honor your body.

Honor your mind.

Honor your soul.

Honor your needs.

Extremes are never good 24/7.

Listen to your body when it's time to play and when it's time to rest.

* What is your body trying to tell you?

* What do you need?

* What actions and behaviors will serve you?

What you need might be completely different than your family or your best friend or your partner.

So stop judging yourself and comparing yourself to others.

Only YOU know what's best for you.

So tune in and readjust accordingly.

Honor the call.

Happy Sunday, loves. ⭐️

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