"I'm gonna voodoo this shit."

Have you heard about the time my friend Erica and I almost didn't make it to SF? Last Friday (the day of our trip), Erica and I awoke to a few last minute errands we had to attend to before work. Not only was the traffic insane (making it almost impossible to run errands) but there was a torrential downpour (read: dragging our luggage in the rain to our buildings) and coffee was spilled in my car (definition of a "hot mess,"). Just when Erica and I think we are in the clear, having arrived at the airport two and a half hours before our flight, we end up ALMOST missing it because we mistook the "boarding time" with "boarding time ends." Because we almost missed our flight, the airline forced us to check our bags. Well, we had used Skip Lagged to book our flight, aka we got a significantly reduced flight to SF because we booked a flight to LA but were going to hop off the plane in SF where we had an "intentional" layover. Erica and I rush to baggage claim to pick up our bags and after ten minutes of not seeing them I turn to Erica in horror and say, "OUR BAGS ARE GOING TO LA." >>>>PANIC MODE ENGAGED<<<< Erica and I go into high alert and sprint to the baggage claim counter where we explain that we need our bags and are staying in SF. The clerks tell us that we are going to have to "reticket" our ticket aka pay $250 to get our bags back. To which I'm thinking, "Absolutely not." We run upstairs to talk to the other clerks and they send us back DOWNSTAIRS. The same clerks downstairs give us a note to give to the people upstairs and at this point I've seriously had it. I keep telling Erica, "We ARE getting our bags back and we are NOT paying any money for them." I ask for the person who is in charge of like, everything, and when I find him I explain our situation. He seems like he knows what he's doing so I turn to Erica and I say, "You have to channel all your positive energy to this guy." He takes down the description of our bag and lets us know that the workers have been notified to grab our bags and stop them from going to LA. We had back downstairs for the THIRD time and I look at Erica with a renewed sense of determination and say, "I'm gonna voodoo this shit." Translation: I take everything I have ever learned about the law of attraction I need to use and USE IT NOW. Pull out all the stops. I legitimately plant my butt down in a meditation pose in front of carousel three and start breathing deeply and meditating and visualizing. First I clear my mind and then I begin playing all the scenarios in my head. I visualize the workers finding our bags and sending them to carousel three. I visualize our bags being dropped down the chute. I visualize Erica and I seeing our bags and rejoicing that we got them back. And I visualize us leaving the airport that night with our bags. Erica is still completely panicked and tells me she's praying to everything right now and I look at her and say, "Believe! Don't pray!" I notice a woman who is staring at us half smiling so I smile back and she says, "You both seem very positive," We end up explaining our situation to her and making other small talk with her and she tells us that her other bag that is coming out is too heavy for her to lift. I offer to pull the piece of luggage off the carousel for her. I get up and move to a different spot so that I can grab her luggage and pull it off the carousel. She thanks me and wishes us luck in finding the bags. At that moment, Erica leaves to go get water and I'm left standing in a new position, with my line of sight in a new direction than directly at the carousel. About 100 feet away, I see what I think is our bags tied up off to the side with hot pink tags on them. I shake my head in disbelief and whip out my phone to call Erica and rush over to the bags. When I get there I realize that sure enough it's them and even though they are tied up I *just know* that we'll be able to retrieve them. I start ripping the wires off the bags when I realize to my delight they weren't actually locked or tied up to anything. I also proceed to rip off the hot pink tags as Erica answers the phone and I tell her I have the bags. I can hear her scream from off in the distance and we make the biggest scene as we hug, cry and cheer that we have our bags. Even though our nerves are officially fried we hustle out of the airport realizing that miracles can happen. But only if you believe. ;)

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