How do you deal with change?

How do you deal with change?

Do you meet change with resistance?

Or do you welcome it?

Kinda depends on what’s changing or has changed, huh?

The fact is… the winds of change can rip through your life without warning.

Sometimes it’s a gentle breeze and sometimes it’s a damn hurricane.

We consciously know that change is the only constant in our lives and yet… somehow it has a tendency to catch us off guard.

All. The. Time.

People are constantly telling us to “come into the present moment,” or to “be here now,” – do you ever wonder why that sentiment is advised so often?

I’ll tell you a little secret.

It’s our defense against those winds of change.

We spend SO MUCH TIME obsessing over the past and fixated on the future that we forget that life, or change rather, is happening to us right now.

And guess what?

As I’ve pointed out above, change is the only constant.

Regardless of if you are where you want to be or not, or whether you’ve made a mistake or had an incredible success, you really never know what changes the next moment might bring.

Appreciating what we have or feel in this moment, RIGHT NOW, is our greatest defense for the inevitable winds of change.

We’ve all experienced getting fired or getting into an accident or breaking up with someone or even something as simple as losing our iphones.

Relationships, jobs, material items, money, the weather, etc. are all fleeting.

We can’t really control any of that.

What you can control is how you show up each day.

More importantly how you show up in each moment.

What if you took the time to really SHOW UP for the moments in your life?

Don’t wish things would stay the way they are forever, but instead SAVOR the way things are RIGHT NOW, knowing full well that the next moment or tomorrow might bring something better or worse, but regardless it will always be something different.

I want you to try this little experiment…

Try showing up to each moment with eyes that are hungry to spot something to appreciate or be grateful for.

Try showing up to each moment with a tingly sense of excitement that you JUST NEVER KNOW what could possibly happen next, but trust deep down inside that things are always working out for you.

Try showing up to each moment with an open heart for yourself and those around you.

You do know that your “reality,” is uniquely yours, right?

Your reality is a perception created from your thoughts, feelings and judgments about your experiences.

Never forget that these are unique to you.

Pretty, trippy, right?

Energy flows where attention goes.

A belief is just a thought you keep thinking.

So, what is capturing your attention most often?

What thoughts are you constantly thinking?

How do they make you FEEL?

Try my little exercise above and let me know.

Love and light my darlings,


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