Dear Universe

Dear Universe,


Help me be a channel for pure positive energy.

A healer. A teacher. A lover. A friend.

Help me pass on infinite intelligence.

Help me be my highest and best and the greatest version of myself in order to serve the expansion of consciousness, the universe, and to help all living beings be their highest and best.

I'm ready now.

I want to be a channel of love and light.

We are one.

We are forever expanding.

This is such an exciting time to be on planet earth and I am thrilled to be here.

I see so much beauty, and yet, I see so much pain.

Help me, guide me, to awaken to and utilize my special gifts to be a force for good.

Please remind me not to forget to take care of myself first.

I stand in awe of this life and life experience and every day my life experience is getting richer and richer.

I feel it all.

I'm so grateful to be alive.

I'm happy that I can't get it wrong and I'll never get it done.

I love watching my life unfold.

My intention for this life experience and my deepest wish is to have unconditional love for myself and others - in any circumstance, regardless of the conditions.

I'll be forever working on and towards that.

In addition to teaching, guiding, and showing others how to cultivate that too.

I'm ready to show myself to the world and own my gifts.

I'm forever evolving and growing and learning and it's so much fun!

It's so fun to be alive. It's a miracle. I'm happy, deeply happy.

I'm ready and open for what's next or whatever is to come.

I'm ready for those to come on my path to help the evolution of my soul.

I release all resistance.

I surrender to the flow of life.

I live with joy and abundance in my heart.

I'm so damn grateful and I want to uplift the world.

Now I'll carpe diem this day and every day from here on out.

Who's with me?

#Abundance #Gratitude #Universe

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