Do you ever really know someone based off their social media?

Do you ever really know someone based purely off their social media? The truth is we all have an "internet personality." I'm always shocked when I get to engage in a conversation face to face with someone I've been following on social media - be it a close friend or a mere acquaintance. In that conversation it always re-humanizes them for me. No matter who it is - there are always some commonalities: there's usually something awesome that's recently happened to them and also something they're struggling with. Because I don't mess around with small talk and go right into the deep stuff people have the tendency to open up to me and we cut right through surface level sh*t. Maybe there's a few people that bug you because their life seems "perfect" - I got news for you - it isn't. EVERYONE and I mean everyone has something they struggle with or are struggling with CURRENTLY.

Do they wanna post that on social media? Hell no. In today's fast paced world - remember to judge less and love more. We're all just trying to make our way in the world and grope our way to happiness - doing the best we can with what we've got. Make more of an effort to assess people on a face to face basis rather than social media. Realize that we are all in this together and everyone has something to teach you if you take the time to listen. Open your heart and open your ears. Leave preconceived notions at home and make more of an effort to meet up with someone you care about face to face this week.

#SocialMedia #Judgment

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