Was it a vacation, intensive workshop or perhaps just a dream?

Was it a vacation, intensive workshop or perhaps just a dream? I'm not exactly sure how to describe my time in Guatemala. It was as emotionally turbulent as it was peaceful. It was as eye opening as it was familiar. It was as poetic as it was raw. But overall it was exactly what I needed. Time to slow way, way down. Time to recharge, refresh and rejuvenate every ounce of my energy. Time for shedding and healing. Time to grow, question, expand, evaluate, and allow. Time to just be. There are so many experiences, insights and stories to share, but first a shout out to the amazing people I made memories with... I'm returning to the States with a full heart and am truly, deeply, and profoundly grateful to all of the souls I had the pleasure of learning from and connecting with. Each one of you allowed more light and magic to flow into my very essence. Thank you for empowering me and contributing to my expansion. Until our paths cross once more, you have a piece of my heart. Love and light from your friend in Seattle,


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