Work With Me

Lauren Hruska is flexible to create customized groups, classes, events and workshops in addition to speaking gigs and small group and individual coaching. Groups can be created around a specific topic (e.g. goal setting or communication) that create communities of individuals that foster personal development and growth with the support and accountability of their peers. Events and workshops can be created that give the attendee specific action they can immediately utilize to improve the quality of their life.


Topics Lauren has presented on in the past: nonviolent communication, how to cultivate self-love, how to identify and rewire self-limiting beliefs, how to hack flow state, how to stop procrastinating, the importance of giving, how to meditate, how to hack productivity and focus, how to set goals, how conflict can be a good thing, how to have more fun, how to set healthy boundaries, the importance of new experiences, how to tap into inspiration, how to believe in yourself.

  • Sample Groups:

    • Synergy: Group meets monthly for one hour to set goals or intentions for that month around it. Group members are inspired to achieve their goals through the deadline, support and accountability of the group.

    • How to Connect with Anyone: Group meets monthly for one hour to connect. Group members earn trust with one another and learn about themselves and their colleagues in a fun, dynamic way.

  • Sample Workshops, Classes, and Events:

    • How to Hack Focus and Productivity: 60-90 minute workshop where the participant learns how to hack focus and increase productivity. Content could also be broken into three 30-45 minute classes.

  • Sample Coaching Programs:

    • Introductory Session: 90 minute session where the client walks away with a bird’s eye view of their life and where their time, energy, and attention flows. Client focuses on one area of their life to take action.

    • Three, Six, Nine or More Sessions: Based on what was discovered in the introductory session, the client identifies one or more areas of their life or topics they would like to work on. Client receives resources and support in setting goals and taking action. Sessions are 60-90 minutes. Mini sessions (30 minutes) are also an option, depending on the client and their goals.

*All workshops and events can be condensed into 10-15 minute talks as well on request.

Please reach out to Lauren Hruska for more information as well as pricing for speaking gigs, groups, classes, events, workshops and group coaching.