Heart Talk: Compassion Cultivation Training

Heart Talk 101: Essentials of Compassionate (Nonviolent) Communication

No one teaches you how to have successful relationships.

No one teaches you how to understand and communicate your emotions.

No one teaches you about having needs beyond food, water, shelter.

No one teaches you it's appropriate and healthy to ask for what you want.

No one teaches you how to navigate conflict.

No one teaches you what real empathy is, how to give it to yourself and how to give it to others.

So let's change all that shall we?

Introducing Heart Talk 101, an eight week series that explores the essentials of compassionate (nonviolent) communication. You will:

• Learn about the foundational principles of nonviolent communication.

• Discover your own needs and the needs of others.

• Improve your communication skills.

• Develop deeper connection with yourself and others.

• Understand how to give and receive real empathy.

• Gain confidence asking for what you really want.

• Cultivate healthy inward and outward boundaries.

• Become agile at navigating conflict in a compassionate way and so much more!

The series is appropriate for 8-20 people and can be customized for any type of group. If you are interested in taking the series as an individual or group, please reach out to Lauren at info@laurenhruska.com.

What People Are Saying...

"Interactive, very intimate, safe to be vulnerable and share. Everything was so well thought-out and explained thoroughly. My communication skills have grown so much because of this class! And it couldn't have been more timely because I've really needed to apply what I've learned to my life lately." --Chantell O.

"Lauren is passionate, attentive and creates a welcoming and safe environment for everyone to share from the heart. Her course speaks to all learning styles and each session is engaging and interactive. What I learned has helped me understand my own needs as well as how to articulate them and make a request to have them met. Just that alone is priceless. I’m excited to continue integrating this style of communication into my life, and to share it others." --Inna M.

"I'm so happy and grateful to have been part of this amazing class with Lauren! Lauren made me feel comfortable to be vulnerable and open during class -  but most importantly she extended her warmth and love in a way that made feel welcomed to dig deeper in myself and reveal thoughts and emotions on communication." --Bahare R.

Heart Talk 102: TBA.